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The #Straightmeddlin Show




The #Straightmeddlin Show your weekly podcast for great opinionated facts. Join the #Straightmeddlin crew LP, Gati, and Jamile as they give hot takes on worldly news, pop culture, lifestyle, entertainment, social issues, weird news, trivia and games. Fix yourself a drink and come meddle with us!


Aug 30, 2019

Hush your mouth Chinese people don't eat fried chicken???!!!

Episode 121 of the most outrageous #opinionatedfacts podcast out there!  The #Straightmeddlin Show with LP, Gati, and Jamile.

Unless you're not human you know what were getting into on this episode!  We're talking the Popeyes Chicken craze along with Starz...

Aug 15, 2019

Episode 119 of the best #OpinionatedFacts Podcast on the planet.

The #Straightmeddlin Show with LP, Gati, and Jamile!

Tune on in this week we finally are able to get to our conspiracy comfort station with Jeff Epstein's alleged suicide #gotstogo, We also dive into how dudes with 3 Series BMWs and C-Class Benz's are...

Aug 4, 2019

Episode 117 - Weird is as a weird does

Say what???

The #OpinionatedFacts #MastersoftheUniverse LP, Gati, and Jamile in the building like we only know how to. For whatever reason it was a ton of weird people/news that hit the wire so of course we had to meddle about it!  A episode full of #Straightmeddlin so tune in and...