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The #Straightmeddlin Show




The #Straightmeddlin Show your weekly podcast for great opinionated facts. Join the #Straightmeddlin crew LP, Gati, and Jamile as they give hot takes on worldly news, pop culture, lifestyle, entertainment, social issues, weird news, trivia and games. Fix yourself a drink and come meddle with us!


Oct 23, 2020

Here we are!  Episode 154 of The #Straightmeddlin Show with L.P., Gati, and Jamile.  We love the episodes where we have a format but we just completely go left field!  Just like always it's some good meddlin' going on so tune in.

Do you really have to get a new phone every year?

What's is it like being a "New Dad"


Sep 24, 2020

Soooooo what do you think Jesus would've done in that situation? Episode 152 of your favorite FB Live, Youtube Live, Podcast THE #STRAIGHTMEDDLIN SHOW with L.P., Gati, and Jamile reporting for duty!

Tune in this week (topics):

Did you register to vote?

California Governor Gavin Newsom signs executive order banning gas...

Aug 31, 2020

Hello Meddlers! It Is us again The #Straightmeddlin Show with L.P., Gati, and Jamile.
This week we have a pretty light show but it won't be short on the meddlin' of course you should know the rules by now. Come on in here and meddle wit us!
This week's highlights:
Florida got the okay to release what?

Mar 13, 2020

EP 142 of The #OpinionatedFacts podcast The #Straightmeddlin Show with L.P., Gati, and Jamile!  It's been a while since we dropped an audio track (Because ya'll need to tune in to our interactive FB Live show @theStraightmeddlinshow on Tuesday nights at 9p CST)

This episode we're talking nothing but Coronavirus and...

Jan 10, 2020

Man jump y’all butts off in here!!! The new season of the best damn interactive podcast in the world!!! The #Straightmeddlin Show with LP of Rivia, Gati, and Jamile aka John Carlos.

We missed y’all and by the messages we got y’all do too so bring on the meddlin

This week we’re talking:

Things that black people...